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Here we offer some Spiritual ]Growth resources in the form of Devotions, Discipleship, and similar materials for Students, Educators, Attorneys, Judges and all Legal Professionals.

Christian Law School Subject Supplements (and Cross-References)

School Blogs

Family Restoration

A Regent Law School Blog on Family Law issues. The author of this blog, Prof. Lynne Marie Kohm, is dedicated to family restoration through the application of Christian legal principles, and this is the focus of her blog (cross-referenced in Select Blogs above).

By My God I Can Leap Over A Wall

The web log for Prof. Rick Duncan at Regent Law School, highlighting (archived) tips for Christian law profs. and lecturers, and also connecting to his U.S. Constitutional Law class blog, here


PrawfsBlawg (aka is a blog about a variety of topics related to law and life. Their tag-line: “Where Intellectual Honesty Has (Almost Always) Trumped Partisanship — Albeit in a Kind of Boring Way Until Recently — Since 2005.” They also offer an International page of sometimes useful bloggers.

Regent Law Blogs

Blogs by students and faculty at Regent University School of Law.

Truth on the Market

In the authors’ words: “We are a group of young law professors who teach and write in the business law area, broadly defined . . . . [O]ur blog offers commentary on law, business, economics and more.