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Cross & Gavel Blogroll

Here’s what you’ll find as you look through our list of blogs and blawgs:

General Law Blogs

From The Volokh Conspiracy, to Above the Law and TaxLaw Prof, this annotated list will direct you through the “blawgosphere”! Start your journey here.

Faith & Law Blogs

This annotated blogroll gathers great resources for joining the conversation as it relates to faithful thinking in the law. We recommend Mirror of Justice as the gold standard, but be sure to check out Redeeming Law, Dean’s blog, andNinomania.

Blogs by Organization

Find the blogs of the organizations.

Other Blogs We Enjoy

Not strictly on topic, but these blogs, in our humble opinion, are worthy your time if you like to think about the relationship of Christianity to culture.

C & G Blogs

Want to post a comment about what you’ve been reading? Interested in a weekly law-related devotional? Need some encouragement and another perspective as you face down the pressure of law school or practice? We hope the blogs below challenge and help you to seek the Source of law and truth and to enjoy communion with Him and His children