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The Set-up:

The organizations listed here can help serve in educating and equipping Advocates wishing to make an impact in their societies, especially in areas of prime interest to AI and its ICLS (6 areas highlighted to the right or below if on mobile).

In addition to formal Study Centers and Institutes, we have included Research Institutes and “Think Tanks” for their valuable contributions.

Many of these organizations listed provide both written and video content resources, as well as expert advice on social issues.

The organizations here are divided into five Squares below. In short, the three main ones are: those affiliated with Christian Legal Societies or Associations around the world, those affiliated with Universities (Law Students), and Independent ones.

A fourth Square links directly to another page for Advocacy Groups (including public interest law groups), whose primary work is advocacy of some kind, but who naturally also have a scholarship, study, or research institute suited to their advocacy work. Since their main work is advocacy, however, we have shifted these organizations into another section on AI’s site, and have spared everyone an added burden of cross-listing them here, in Study Centers/Institutes (see instead the Advocacy Groups Square, in the Advocacy Resources tab on the Home page).

A final Square includes some independent blogs we liked and selected, as still instrumental for equipping Advocates in solid Christian thinking.

A few extra navigational tips to help you explore and journey here:

Some of these Study Centers and Institutes give a Christian perspective on law, justice, government, or society that is more jurisprudential or theoretical. Others have more practical aims in specific areas of advocacy. AI supports six primary areas of advocacy (seen on right sidebar or below if on mobile) We try to indicate this distinction in focus.

Some organizations also go beyond educating and equipping advocates to serve in chosen areas, but actively advocate themselves, often influencing public policy on important social issues. In such cases, we sought to cross-list these organizations among Advocacy Groups in our site’s Advocacy Resources tab.

Still, a number of these Study Centers and Institutes have fine journals, books, and blogs they put out. Advocates should find these journals and books also in the appropriately-named ICLS Squares, so named (i.e., Journals and Articles, Books, and so on). A specific Institute’s blog, if it seems notable, is usually indicated within its description.   

A few key signs and symbols in your navigation:
{  }  indicates an organization’s expertise in one or more of AI’s six interest areas
[  ]   indicates cross-listing of the organization or its resources in another section on   this ICLS or AI’s site
(  )  indicates a particular geographic scope or reach of an organization

AI Six Core Advocacy Areas

(1)  Promoting rule of law (seeking good governance, fighting corruption)

(2)  Protecting religious liberty (keeping legal doors open for sharing the gospel)

(3)  Pursuing rights and justice for the poor, needy, and oppressed (access to justice, anti-sex trafficking, helping refugees, etc.)

(4) Safeguarding sanctity of human life (against abortion, suicide, euthanasia, stem cell issues)

(5)  Defending traditional marriage and family in accordance with God’s design (against secularism’s re-definitions)

(6) Advancing peace and reconciliation (interpersonal or international)