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James Skillen, A Covenant to Keep: Meditations on the Biblical Theme of Justice (CRC Publications and Center for Public Justice, 2000).

Here’s a brief blurb from the publisher, the Center for Public Justice:

From the beginning of the creation drama to the second coming of Christ, God is fulfilling the covenant of justice. Carefully searching the scriptures, Dr. James W. Skillen confirms that justice is part of God’s way of governing and fulfilling creation and that we, as caretakers of God’s world, must take an active role in doing justice. This in-depth study will challenge you to do your part in advancing justice in God’s kingdom even as you anticipate its fulfillment at Christ’s climatic return. This is an excellent resource for adult study groups, social justice committees, and individuals that care deeply about the biblical call to do justice in public life. It includes meditations, discussion questions, and tips for action responses.

And here’s more about A Covenant to Keep and James Skillen from Byron Borger at Hearts & Minds Books:

[James Skillen] is an old friend of the CCO, one of the world’s leading scholars on Abraham Kuyper’s reformational worldview and a gem of a political theorist. He is a guy you can trust as civic-minded, truly nonpartisan, concerned with orthodox biblical doctrine and responsible social involvement. Not one to overstate a case or get caught up in flamboyant rhetoric–in other words he ain’t like me!–Jim’s work at the Center for Public Justice is one of the nation’s best-kept secrets, and one of the CCO’s most under-utilized allies.

Recently, he compiled what may be 25 years of his Bible studies and devotions inspired by the view of the Scriptures that we call “historical redemptive” and which is best seen in the Promise & Deliverance commentaries. Not moralistic, nor stretching to force the Scriptures to “address” contemporary issues, Covenant to Keep opens up the grand sweep of the Scriptures and shows that public justice and social righteousness is integral to the redemptive work of God in history….This is one of the best Bible studies/devotionals I have ever seen….

The book includes excellent and provocative discussion questions, several really choice case studies of folk who are working hard for justice in particular places, and it is laid out in an orderly, thematic fashion. It is truly a useful handbook to the Bible and a great example of how to read the Bible faithfully, allowing it to illumine our lives, current events and our need for restorative justice.