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The Institute especially encourages local chapters (and where suitable, national and regional networks) to actively advocate and serve justice, by choosing a service project relevant to their interest and context. This can be selected from among one of AI’s seven core advocacy areas [put in a link here to the seven areas]. The Institute can help guide local chapters in selecting and working on suitable projects, and can connect them to additional advocacy training resources and tools. [1]DISCLAIMER: AI is a network, and its Institute is a resource provider. AI and its Institute do not provide legal services. AI and its Institute shall not be held liable, and shall be indemnified and held harmless for any and all legal services and representation, including for the outcome of any case or matter directly handled by any individual or entity involved or associated in any way with AI or its Institute. Such legal services and representation are solely the responsibility of the individuals or entities directly handling that matter or case. All such persons providing legal representation, advice, or services, and their clients, shall indemnify and hold harmless AI, its Institute, and all their staff, for any such legal representation, advice, or services.

This selected advocacy project is where an advocate’s own biblical worldview and foundation on law and justice (as served by the Institute’s resourcing and instructional functions noted above), can spring into true service, resulting in loving one’s neighbor with real advocacy.

In the Similar Organizations Square above (Home Page) advocates and students can connect to many organizations whose resources will assist them in their advocacy service projects, in the seven core areas of advocacy that AI encourages and supports.

In addition, a Separate Advocacy Resources center [put link to it above here], linking to many of our advocacy partners,  allows advocates access to special resources, legal research, and similar tools that can be shared and exchanged to support each other in similar projects going around the world. This information sharing platform is an indispensable, vital new asset available for combatting injustices. Sometimes advocates in one part of the world are working on an issue, (and gaining valuable information and skills), that can greatly benefit advocates working on a similar issue in somewhere else in the world. Such information sharing can change outcomes. Access to information may be restricted in some cases due to its sensitivity, and/or to protect the work of our contributors and partners.

The Institute actively encourages advocates serving together, and with solid partners in justice projects.


A local advocates’ chapter’s involvement in a suitable service project is an excellent way to help strengthen and sustain the chapter. It helps build strong bonds of camaraderie, and increases chapter growth and participation, while serving Christ as a team seeking justice. Student involvement (as interns or otherwise) is highly recommended under appropriate supervision for such projects.

It is also highly recommended that local chapters try to engage in only one service project at a time. In our experience, local groups often attempt to take on too much, but limiting activities is important since many advocates, and students can serve only on a voluntary basis and should avoid extra stress and burnout.