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Advocates International, Institute of Christian Legal Studies (AI ICLS)

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Various Journals and Law Reviews

American Journal of Jurisprudence

The Journal publishes articles and reviews essays critically examining the moral foundations of law and legal systems and exploring current and historical issues in ethics, jurisprudence, and legal (including constitutional) theory.

First Things

First Things: A Journal of Religion, Culture, and Public Life is published by The Institute on Religion and Public Life, an interreligious, nonpartisan research and education institute whose purpose is to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society.

Religion & The Law – (HeinOnline), ‘The Ideology, Fundamentals, and Power of World Religions’

This service covers articles on law and religion (all major world religions) from a variety of perspectives and with contributions from the U.S. Christian Legal Society, ICLS. Over 35 journals are indexed in this great collection (some are included also on this site; subscription required).

Journal of Catholic Legal Studies

The Journal of Catholic Legal Studies is a scholarly journal devoted to the study of law and religion in general, and law and Catholicism in particular. Known for fifty years as The Catholic Lawyer, the journal was rechristened the Journal of Catholic Legal Studies in the spring of 2005, beginning with Issue 44, Vol. 1.

Journal of Catholic Social Thought

The Journal of Catholic Social Thought is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary publication that brings together authors from the fields of law, theology, philosophy and political theory. Its focus is Catholic social teaching and the implications for both theory and practice. It was founded in support of a call by the Conference of Catholic Bishops to “integrate and to share the riches of the Church’s social teaching in Catholic education and formation at every level.” It is published by the Office for Mission and Ministry and the School of Law at Villanova University.

Journal of Christian Jurisprudence

This journal is no longer published, but its articles may be found through HeinOnline.

Journal of Christian Legal Thought (2011 – Current)

The mission of the Journal of Christian Legal Thought is to equip and encourage legal professionals to seek and study biblical truth as it relates to law, the practice of law, and legal institutions.

The Journal seeks, first, to provide practitioners and students a vehicle through which to engage Christian legal scholarship that will enhance this reflection as it relates to their daily work, and, second, to provide legal scholars a peer-reviewed medium through which to explore the law in light of Scripture, under the broad influence of the doctrines and creeds of the Christian faith, and on the shoulders of the communion of saints across the ages. 

Journal of Law and Religion

“In conjunction with the Emory University Institute of Law and Religion, ‘The Journal of Law and Religion publishes cutting-edge research on religion, human rights, and religious freedom; religion-state relations; religious sources and dimensions of public, private, penal, and procedural law; religious legal systems and their place in secular law; theological jurisprudence; political theology; legal and religious ethics; and more. The Journal provides a distinguished forum for deep dialogue among Buddhist, Confucian, Christian, Hindu, Indigenous, Jewish, Muslim, and other faith traditions about fundamental questions of law, society, and politics.

Law and Justice, The Christian Law Review

“Law & Justice is a peer reviewed journal published by the Edmund Plowden Trust for the purpose of assisting and promoting the study and understanding of [UK] . . . legal systems in themselves and by comparing them with the laws and systems of other countries and by considering them in the light of Christian sources such as The Declaration of Religious Freedom (of the Second Vatican Council), International Law, Canon Law and the Law of Nature.”(from its website).

Liberty University Law Review

“The Liberty University Law Review strives to cultivate a forum of intellectually rigorous thought and debate regarding contemporary legal issues, gleaning insight from the Western legal tradition and remaining faithful to the Christian worldview. Through its publication, the Law Review endeavors to further the mission of the Liberty University School of Law, as well as to bring honor to the God of all Truth. Soli Deo Gloria.” (from its website)

Liberty Legal Journal

A journal of the Liberty University School of Law, it showcases works of students on a variety of topics, upholding the school’s adherence to a historical Christian worldview.

The New Atlantis (U.S. based)

“A Journal of Technology & Society” – The New Atlantis is a journal attempting to clarify the moral and political understanding of all areas of technology, from stem cells to hydrogen cells to weapons of mass destruction, and is very useful on issues affecting public policy.

Oxford Journal of Law and Religion

“The Oxford Journal of Law and Religion publishes a range of articles drawn from various sectors of the law and religion field, including: social, legal and political issues
(from its website)”

Public Justice Review

A solid journal by the Center for Public Justice.

Regent University Law Review

Regent University Law Review seeks to present academically excellent scholarship on relevant issues facing the legal community today from the perspective of a historic Christian worldview.

Regent University School of Law, Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy (JGJPP).

“[An] academic journal presenting original legal research related to the study of international human rights. JGJPP features articles, notes, case comments, and book reviews submitted by prominent authors, practitioners, and students.” (from its website)]

Trinity Law School, Law Review

The Law Review is a student-led publication on a variety of topics, adhering to a Christian and Western legal tradition, including the natural law, since the school’s founding in 1980.