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AI’s Institute seeks to develop and share Christian worldview resources on law, justice, and government to students, scholars, attorneys, judges and other interested persons so they can impact and influence their communities, countries and continents for Christ’s Kingdom.

It also seeks to help its local chapters, national, and regional networks with professional development and legal skills, including best international practices, so they can improve their advocacy, especially in AI’s 7 core advocacy areas, in which the Institute encourages their involvement.


AI’s Institute wishes to see an increase in justice and human flourishing in the earth, including by safeguarding human rights and seminal liberties like life, speech, and religion, strengthening vital social institutions like marriage and family, assisting in spreading the gospel, seeking peace, and aiding the poor, and seeing this achieved through the implementation of good laws operating in just legal systems, as a way of showing love to God and neighbor (Luke 10:27).

  The Institute provides Christian worldview content on law, justice and government to interested individuals and institutions through its resources available on this site.[1]The Christian and biblical worldview resources here are provided as a ministry of Advocates International’s Institute of Christian Legal Studies (Institute), in cooperation with the Institute of Christian Legal Studies in the United States (ICLS, a ministry of the U.S. Christian Legal Society), the Cross and Gavel website, and Regent University School of Law (Va., USA), each of whom is generously sharing many of their resources with this Institute. It also instructs and trains students, attorneys, and others interested in its resources at seminars, conferences, and with online interaction.

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  The Institute lays a necessary foundation that equips and motivates students, attorneys and other interested individuals and institutions to serve Christ by pursuing justice in seven core advocacy areas. It educates and encourages them about serving in such areas, and connects them with supplemental advocacy training and resources to assist in that.

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  The Institute assists local AI chapters with professional and legal skills development, including ideas on networking, attorney referral services, and mentoring of senior to junior attorneys and students.

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Patrick M. Talbot, J.D. is a graduate of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and Regent University Law School. In addition to practicing international commercial law, he has extensive experience as a law professor since 2005, integrating Christian scholarship in various law subjects.
His teaching experience includes universities in Korea, Cambodia, Romania, the U.S. and Indonesia. Talbot has served AI in various capacities since 1991.
He helped found the Indonesian Christian Legal Society in 2013,and served on the Steering Committee for AI’s Advocates Asia Conference in Jakarta in 2014. Talbot is presently authoring a Guidebook for Christian law students, lawyers, and judges about the integration of Christian worldview in law.
His research and publications include topics on so-called same-sex marriage, anti-sex trafficking, corporate social responsibility and commercial law. He directs the International Justice Initiative (IJI) at his university in Indonesia, engaged in stopping human trafficking.